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Research about how the precise filtering infusion can reduce the untoward reaction of infants
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Abstracted from Journal of Chinese Nursing Editorial Department
Purpose: to verify the safety of using precise filtering infusion on infants’infusion by 
              analyzing the untoward reaction of precise filtering infusion.
Method: divide the 400 infant patients in random in the outpatient infusion section into two
              parts, one control group, using ordinary infusion, the other treatment group, using
              the precise filtering infusion, each part 200 patients. Watch the phlebitis, allergy
              and pyrogen reaction of the groups. At last, compare the two parts, find the
              distinction of them. Treatment group definitely get less phlebitis, allergy ,P<0.05
              was relieved and pyrogen reaction was almost the same, P>0.05, in the treatment
Conclusion: precise filtering infusion can definitely decrease the untoward reaction of vein
                  infusion in infant, increase the safety, relieve infants’ pain and make sure the
                  treatment will go smoothly. It is good for infants’ recovery at an early date. 
KEY WORDS: infants, precise filtering infusion, vein infusion, phlebitis, allergy, analyze
DOCUMENT CODE: A article ID 1681-5122(2006)22-2034-02
Intravenous infusion is one of the most commonly accepted therapies currently in infants for outpatient service. The most common untoward reaction are phlebitis, allergy and pyrogen reaction and so on. All these reaction will bring great pain to infants, affect the treatment and go against the recovery. Our hospital apply precise filtering infusion suitable for infants, which definitely reduces untoward reaction of infants caused by infusion, relieve infants’ pain and are good for the recovery. The effect is fantastic. Reports as follows:
1.materials and method
1.1 common materials from Oct. 2005 to Dec.2005 we accept 400 infant’s patients, from 3 months to 3 years old, in our outpatients service. These patients are divided into two groups at random; control group and treatment group, each group 200 infants. There are 108 boys and 92 girls in control group, average age 1.5. There are 110 boys and 90 girls in treatment group, average age 1.6. two groups’ age, quantity of each sex and intravenous infusion position are almost the same.P>0.05, which shows the two groups have strong comparability.
1.2 material Treatment group applies disposable precise filtering infusion of Beijing Fert Technology co. LTD, Item no SYQ-PT-20X-59/DL. Bore diameter of filter medium is 0.5μm. Control group applies disposable infusion of Shandog Weigao Group Medical Polymers Products Company. Item no 0.05#.scalf acupuncture apply disposable intravenous infusion needle from Jiangsu Suyun Medical Equipment Factory.
1.3 method infants of two groups are all venipunctured by seasoned and experienced nurses. After the successful venipuncture, treatment group will be infused by precise filtering one. The other group by common one. The liquid, medicine and course of treatment of control group is almost the same with that of treatment group. P>0.05. Infusion process will be frequently patrolled, untoward reaction of two groups closely inspected.
1.4 inspection standard
1.4.1 phlebitis main clinical symptoms are reddening, swelling, scorching, aching along vein
         vessel, and thickening, hardening, nonelastic of vein vessel.
1.4.2 allergy reaction    Skin itch, erythema, urticaria, pharynx oedema, chest oppression,
         dyspnea, serious anaphylactic shock all appear. Mild allergy reaction shows up in
         outpatient infusion section, such as dysphoria, cry&scream, fever, nausea, vomit and
         so on.
1.4.3 pyrogen reaction infants experience symptoms such as shiver, fever, nausea, vomit
         and so on.
2. results
Comparation of untoward reaction in vein infusion of the two infants group.
 1\ compared with infants group using common infusion, infants using precise filtering infusion develop lower rate of phlebitis and allergy, P<0.05 better than the other group.
table 1. the rate of untoward reaction in two types of intravenous infusion
group    sample quantity    rate of phlebitis      rate of allergy       rate of pyrogen
treatment group 200          1 (0.5)                       2(1.0)                   0

control group    200          9(4.5)                        11(5.5)                 1(0.5)   
X2 VALUE                       5.03                          5.09                     1.00       
 P                                    <0.05                        <0.05                   >0.05

3. discussion
3.1 the cause for phlebitis
Infusion may cause phlebitis, mainly because too much particles, granules arouse formation of thrombosis, result in partial blocking and blood insufficiency, hypoxia, which lead to oedema and phlogosis and then form thrombopoiese and phlebitis[1]. The skin of infants is very tender. Their blood vessel is very crispy, so need scalp vein for venipuncture, while scalp vein, slenderer, shorter, Vessel wall, thinner, make getting inflammatory change easier.
3.2 source of infusion particle
Infusion particle is non-metabolic particle in liquid, from 1 to 15 μm(in diameter). A few of them can be from 50 to 300μm[2], mainly concluding dust, carbon ink, rubber dust, plastic particle, debris, medicine crystallization and so on. All these come from: particle and foreign body mixed in production, storage process, plastic debris and sand produced in the medicine admixture, air pollution of admixture room and ampul cutting, possible particle brought in by disposable plastic infusion commonly used in clinical process. Infants’ autoimmunity is very low, so particle does much more serious harms and reaction to them.
3.3 reasons of allergy
Quality of medicine: the quality of medicine directly affect rate of medicine allergy, higher quality, less impurity, then lower rate of allergy[3]. Traditional Chinese medicine is using more and more widely in clinic. Material of Chinese medicine may exist quality issue. Particles produced in the collecting, processing and other procedures of these medicines are all cause for allergy. Inject these medicine into common infusion liquid and survey the change of the non-dissolvling particle. That in the compound are all found out of limit. This relates to the production technology of Chinese medicine. Non-dissolving particle in infusion liquid increases, then allergen entering blood will be more accordingly, which will cause allergy easily. Allergy will stir up series of changes to organs. It will damage infants more badly since their systems are not mature at that time.
1.4   Comparation of common infusion and precise filtering infusion
Vein infusion is one of the main treatment of infant outpatient. So we should take some effective measurement to lessen damage of above dangerous factors and alleviate their pain.   Infusion outfit is the key and also essential to control of particle quantity required by pharmacopeia of vein infusion. It’s clear that medicine treatment supplies is one of guarantee of medical safty and also valid measurement to cut down untoward reaction. The bore diameter of common infusion is from 10~15μm,filtering outfit of which is fabric membrane, easy to fall off and magnify the bore diameter. Filtering effect will be lowered. So strong pollutant carrying ability, high filtering accuracy, 95% or above particle filtered, 5% or less pollutant absorbed, can prevent particle entering infants’ body effectively and decrease the particle’s stimulation to blood vessel and also phlebitis, at the same time wipe off impurities and non-dissolving particles in medicine, raise up purity of the medicine and cu down the chance allergy.
3.5 other advantages of precise filtering infusion
(1) easy to adjust the speed of infusion. So save some wasted time used to adjust drop number. (2) stable infusion speed guarantees accuracy and equalization of medicine dose in unit time. Accurate and equal drug doze is more beneficial to cure of infants’ disease and protect infants’ body furthest since their systems are not mature.
By comparation, observation and analysis, the author thinks using precise filtering infusion can definitely decrease the damage of particle and impurities to infants, reduce rate of phlebitis, allergy in infusion, lessen untoward reaction and increase safety of infants’ vein infusion.

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