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Significance of Precision Filter Infusion Set of Auto-air-venting Type
Posted by:Fert  Published:2012-12-07  Views:6717


Significance of Precision Filter Infusion Set of Auto-air-venting Type
This Auto-air-venting type not only guaranteed infusion safety, but not only ensures infusion safety but reduces medical workers’ operation difficulty & labour intensity and increases clinical care efficiency.
Brief Introduction of Precision Filter Infusion Set of Auto-air-venting Type
This type is equipped with ‘auto-air-venting device’, which is Fert’s self-developed technology and has obtained national patent. Based on theory of liquid surface tension of fluid mechanics, auto-air-venting device can automatically adjust liquid level and exhaust air.
Properties of Fert Precision Filter Infusion Set of Auto-air-venting Type
1. Auto-air-venting: Without medicine residual or air bubbles, air-venting effectiveness and
    reliability rate is more than 99.9%.
2. Simplified Operation: Reduce medical workers’ labour intensity. No need to pinch 
    dripping chamber and no inversion.
3. Auto-controlling of liquid level: Medical workers do not need to manually adjust liquid 
4. Time Saving: Air exhausts in 3 to 5 seconds after infusion set is liked to infusion bottle.
5. Easy to Master: Easy to use and operate. Solution to traditional manual air exhausting.
    Especially convenient to new medical staffs who are not skilled enough.
6. Air Bubble Separation: Auto-air-venting device can prevent air from flowing into lower
    tube, which solves the problem of air bubble hanging in tube when there’s great
    temperature fluctuations.
7. Reduce Medicine Residual: No medicine residual after infusion process, which avoid
    drug incompatibility.

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