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Features of Precison Filter Infusion
Posted by:Fert  Published:2012-12-07  Views:6491


Main function:
1.     safely infuse, protect patient away from infusion pollution
2.     safeguard doctors’ and nurseries’ right & interest
3.      lower hospital’s risk
The distinction of two current national infusion apparatus :
Precise type: efficiently filter particles bigger than blood capillary and purify liquid medicine
General: inefficiently filter particle and self-produce new pollution
Quality standard of high quality filter:
1.        high filter precision. In gravity infusion, the bore diameter of filter membrane is smaller than 5um( maybe 3 or 1 um)
2.        absorption rate of drug is lower than 5%.
3.        self-pollution of filter will be efficiently controlled. The fibre membrane of general infusion outfit will easily fall off.
4.        filtering rate is higher than 90%
5.         performance is stable. The bore diameter of filter membrane will not change
6.        it will ensure the normal infusion volume, 2500ml
        Patients most suitable for precise filtering infusion:
1.        infant patients. Their blood vessel is thinner than adults and autoimmunity is poor. The reaction and harm caused by particle is much more serious. Safe infusion should be started from infant.
2.        chemotherapy patients. Clinical experiments verify that if chemotherapy medicine is filtered by precise filter, phlebitis can be greatly relieved even avoided. 
3.        infusion of traditional Chinese medicine and fat milk patient. Using precise filtering infusion can relieve adverse reaction caused by Chinese medicine and fat milk.
4.     critically ill patients, Cardiocerebral vascular Diseases patients and all kinds of chronic patients, senior patients. All these patients are accompanied with angiosclerosis,, wall thickening, Luminal stenosis and so on. Particle will effect much more these patients than ordinary patients. So such patients should use the precise filtering infusion most.
      Standard precise filtering products. National precise products imported products

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