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The company expanded its production scale, there is an urgent need for recruitment and production staff of 120 people.

Beijing volts Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, the factory are located in Beijing Shijingshan Park the Badachu Technology Park and the Fengtai Changxindian Yongding River. The Shijingshan factory close to the the Beijing Xiangshan, Badachu and other famous scenic spot. Fengtai factory is located in Fengtai Yongding River, the 2013 Beijing International Horticultural Exposition will be held in this. The company convenient transportation, the subway line, the 14th line convenience.

Beijing the volt Technology Technology Co., Ltd. registered capital of 16 million yuan, more than 700 employees, 20,000 square meters of production space. Clean production environment, all year round constant temperature (21-25 ℃). Plant in the region living facilities, with staff quarters, cafeteria, bathrooms and cultural activities. The company pays attention to the cultural life of employees, and regularly organize singing competitions, scenic, cultural and recreational activities.

In order to meet the needs of expanding production, the company is to recruit 120 production workers (non-urban employment), type of work, including disk contracting, inspection stations, bonded workers, ready to work, operatives, loaded membrane workers, injection molding industry, sterilization workers, made hydraulic and other. Specific requirements are as follows:

First, the recruitment conditions:

1, ages 16-40 years old. Women, 100. Male, 20, junior and senior high school or higher education level.
, Binocular uncorrected visual acuity of 1.0 or more, non-communicable diseases, congenital disease, the hands function properly.
Second, work hours and pay:
1 Salary: piecework wage of skilled employees a monthly income of up to 2,600 yuan. Internship period (one month) income over 1700 yuan / month (perfect attendance).
2, the company is free to provide three meals a day and accommodation; meal: lunch meat and two vegetarian soup; dinner a meat-a-soup.
3, staff quarters, winter heating and summer air-conditioned. The factory has a bathroom, and free staff to open.
4, in accordance with relevant state regulations for social insurance for employees.
5, the 5th of each month, regular payment of wages (in case of holidays).
The annual health check for more than one year, the employees work in the company (company undertake medical examinations).
7, the company has a basketball court, badminton court, table tennis room, movie room, Internet cafe (under construction), sports and entertainment facilities, cultural and sports activities on a regular basis, and rich amateur staff cultural life.
Work Address: Shijingshan District, Beijing Badachu Hi-Tech Park, Pioneer Park, Block A (Shijingshan factory)
The Changxindian Zhang guozhuang (Fengtai factory)
Contact: king Sizhou Mobile: 13426099976 Phone :010 -88,795,658; 010-83805518

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